File Sharing Script


File Sharing Script

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“File Sharing Script” is online file sharing script

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“File Sharing Script” is online file sharing script which contains following features:


  • Add / edit / view members
  • Add multiple files
  • Assign files to members
  • Manage files
  • Change password



  • View files
  • Manage files
  • Change password

General Installation

After buy a script you will get email with download link.

  • Download that script from that link and upload in your server.
  • There are on sql file is in sql folder, upload that in your Mysql Database
  • An include folder contain, Please change your Database name and password
  • Wow you Installed it :)


Free Installation

HOW TO SCHEDULE FREE INSTALLATION - Free installation is included with every license purchase. To schedule a free installation after purchase please contact us with the information listed below.

Free Installation Information

Hosting Control Panel (I.E. CPanel, VDeck, Plesk, EasyAdmin) used to manage MySQL
* Login URL:
* Username:
* Password:

* Login URL:
* Username:
* Password:

Please contact your host provider and ask FTP and Hosting Control Panel information if you are unsure what they are.